World has gone crazy with hygge. We all want to be cosy, stop, surround ourselves with nice objects and rest. Getting together with friends and family, enjoying a simpler, less-stressed life and eating well has turned into the hottest trend in interior design too. We have all started to rediscover the importance of spending time at our homes. Having
some myself time to recharge batteries, be comfortable, feel cosy. It’s all about the right
atmosphere. When thinking hygge, we think of open fire, comfy sofa and a warm blanket, but our hygge fantasies never go without a cup of a warm beverage to hand. Warm drink and a comfy sofa need a beautiful coffee table to tie them together.


Coffee table modern

But lets look at coffee tables as a genre of its own. Modern coffee tables are the real
attention getters in any room. They usually hold central place in our living rooms grabbing all the stares. They might be relatively small in size, but their functionality means they never go unnoticed. As the only type of furniture they have even gotten their own book genre - the coffee table books - they are meant to be pretty and functional, easy to look at, make our time more pleasant - both books and tables.

How to choose the right coffee table to enhance our interiors then?

From sleek stainless steel to classic wood designs, modern coffee tables serve as focal
points for a seating arrangement and stylish surfaces for decorative displays.
Strike a balance between your sofa and coffee table styles. If you have a plush, solid-colour couch, try a glass table on a leggy chrome frame. If your couch is slim and more
streamlined, you're fine with a chunkier table, maybe one with a thick wood top and solid

Geometrical shapes of tables with their simple linearity will sharpen any
space. Geometric patterns are definitely on the rise in the interior design world this season, and choosing a simple geometric frame coffee table will definitely be answering this trend. More than that, it will not add to clutter of our living space. Materials sourced from Italy and Brazil among other sources ensure the premium feel. Its sleek and clean lines make it a versatile piece, bringing a fresh modern feel to a variety of living spaces.
Wood finishes like warm walnut and natural oak never fail, they’ll soften any other standout pieces in the arrangement.

Looking back at classics, more precisely Herman Miller’s coffee table designed by a
Japanese sculptor Iguchi, we can notice how balance of sculptural form and durable func tion has made it an understated and beautiful element in homes and offices since its introduction in 1948. Perfectly poised structure features a delicate appearance that is defied by its balanced, durable and extremely sturdy design, the marriage of sculptural form and everyday function - combination of wood and glass bring it out perfectly. We can observe similar effects at the Solid wood coffee table.


If looking for adding some character to your living room - look no further.
Less is more. If you have a small living room, use small nesting tables instead of a huge
coffee table - it also makes it easy for you to create various atmospheres. Shabby Chic
coffee table set made of three separate pieces will not only be a stylish yet playful addition, but will also make the best use of your room, as limited as it may be. By opting for nesting tables you simply save a lot of floor space. Because they fit one inside the other, you can have three set coffee tables that only take up the space needed for one. This way you spread them throughout the room, use them independently and then store them cleverly when not needed anymore. Wooden nesting tables also have some classical charm and can add a warm rustic feel to any space.



Modern coffee table

With the right decor a trendy coffee table can be the key element in your living room. We
sometimes don’t need to redo the whole space to change the feel and follow the fashion.
Which design trends can a (not so) humble coffee table answer?
It can definitely act on colours. Colour will make a comeback - after years of stark white and neutrals dominating the colourscape, we’re beginning to see muted pastels, like dusty rose, and rich jewel tones, like emerald green, pop up at design shows.
Lesser-used materials slowly become the norm and it can also be seen on the coffee table market. In the past, designers and homeowners basically had two choices when it came to building materials: metal and wood. But in 2017? There’s a plethora of interesting options with which to work. Now you’re seeing everything from crackled resin and reclaimed wood to metallic finishes and leather. You name it, and you can find furniture pieces made out of it. And that’s really exciting to see because it helps to add layers to the space. How about a mobile coffee table made of a reclaimed wood pallette?
Geometrical pieces are now also contrasting with old fixtures - simple geometrical coffee
table can bring a fresh feel to that heavy plush sofa. There is a great shift towards
minimalism going on. As our lives become increasingly connected and filled with information, we are increasingly looking to declutter our living spaces. Elegance, simplicity of lines and functionality are starting to play a defining role in home designs. Due to our busy chedules we are looking to create a space that's easy to ma intain, in addition to being comfortable. We are also moving away from mass-produced to artisanal pieces. Another trend that carries over from 2016 is the rise in artisanal items, be it furniture or elements of decor. We are looking to expand our design outside of mass-produced objects and surround ourselves with unique, carefully crafted items. A statement unique but modern coffee table can be a great example of a piece that we want to stand out as well as live on through generations collecting value.

And what would you like for your coffee table to be?