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As promised in our last entry, this post will be all about introducing the latest addition to our furniture family. Probably the most exciting addition to date. The latest product to hit our virtual shelves soon, is an effect of a collaboration between the hottest manufacturers and designers from the Polish scene. Expecting no less from a collaboration like this, the final product (or the range should we say) follows the latest trends in interior design, presenting us with a durable solution that lasts, grows and adapts just as we do.
Let us introduce you to FanFara’s Ład system by Grynasz Studio.

THE DESIGNERS Ład has been designed by Grynasz Studio - an interdisciplinary design collective founded by 2 young Polish designers who wanted to bring ecology and sustainable design to world.
Having been around since 2008, they have already won a lot of recognition, being present
on numerous international trade shows and fairs (Tokyo Design Week, Salone del Mobile,
Arena Design), as well as being awarded multiple national and international prizes for their projects. They have created projects from the fields of product design, architectonics and spatial design.
FamFara, who Ład has been designed for, crafts objects and furniture that not only meets all the latest aesthetic canons, but also uses sustainable and durable materials.
Highest quality is their main goal in bringing their lines to the market. They currently have
two leading collections on offer. KUBBIKI has gained a lot of recognition to date and were
notably awarded a Product of the Year 2016 prize. Ład has already be showcased on the
Elements show during the Tokyo Design Week.



Some really obvious trends in the world of interiors right now are mobility, modularity,
flexibility, and definitely minimalism. Less is more. Furniture that can be moved around in the same room to serve several functions. Moving away from disposability and the copy-paste trend of generation ikea, the world is on the hunt for pieces that will meet their individual needs and will develop, grow and adapt to the changing needs and our mobile lifestyles.
Things that can be conveniently re-located to another room or even other houses, as we do constantly seem to be on the move these days.
These ideal modular units, not only need to be mobile but also need to be responsive to our needs and present enough configurations to serve multitude of functions. Ability to purchase additional pieces to extend its function is a must.
Modularity is not only a trend for the home but also for our workspaces. Desks are no longer square, linear forms associated with the sad world of clocking in and out. We no longer want to be enclosed in assigned cubicles. As we have grown used to co-working open spaces, mobility and adaptability are also the keywords. Products designed to have every element move into place and fit together without rules-based planning are at the forefront of the office of the future. Modular components can be mixed, stacked and moved around, offering innumerable combinations for a dynamic and collaborative workplace.

Ład’s first unit currently on offer is no less a desk. It is targeted at workplaces, but also at
home offices or perhaps even no office related functions. The selection of accessories
included - organisers, hooks and even mirrors can easily turn the desk into a bedroom
dressing table or perhaps bathroom organising unit. The number of possible configurations is infinite and it’s only down to the owner’s imagination how far down the imagination path will their table go and what will it become.


Lad system 4leveldesign


Ład is definitely very current when it comes to the manufacturing methods. Some of its
elements are 3d-printed, or “technologically crafted” as the studio behind the project prefers to call it. This manufacturing method, despite being machine powered, is still much closer to the hand-manufacture methods than to mechanical mass production. Elements are produced one by one, and can be adapted as needed. This method of production makes special small-numbered editions much easier to implement. Especially that the production is still of rather small scale and all the items made to order.
The desk’s surfaces and legs has been crafted from plywood. Another material in the
spotlight now. In so many ways, plywood is 21st century’s wood In that it is both authentic
and modified; affordable and adaptable; capable of being both luxe and everyday; and
therein lies its appeal. As opposed to MDF and other wood-like materials, plywood is created from real wood. It’s like super-pimped wood, being composed of wood layers glued together such that it becomes exceptionally strong. It also gains flexibility in this way, we can bend it in so many more ways than we would treat traditional wood surfaces.
The beautiful warm colour of plywood and it’s interesting playful texture is easy to combine with variety of different materials (brass, concrete, soft plush furnishings - you name it). It’s versatility compliments the multi-use and mobility of the Ład system. The beautiful lined edges of the desk will add to ordered feel of the space it inhabits, and so will the soft pastel hues used in the range. Neutral and easy-to-use colours that most consumers would feel confident using in their homes (or offices) to create a relaxed space with beautiful detail.


The main purpose of the line is not only being adaptable to our spaces but also to helping us being organised. The range of hooks, shelves and organisers would prompt even the biggest hoarders among us into finding place for our collections or perhaps work tools. Into making them exhibitable objects of beauty. It encourages us into creating order. It brings our essential utensils handy. With the latest obsession with minimalism around us and the liberating magic of cleaning, couldn’t Ład be any more current and topical?
The line will be available from 4level shop very soon. Watch this space.