Bench Pastel 90 GRAY EN

Bench Pastel 90 gray en

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PASTEL Katarzyna Jasyk Oryginal pastel bench .Soft and comfortable seat.It is a modern line of furniture.Complete plush pillow.Upholstered with plush CAYENNE ( 96%PES, 4%CO Belgia ) .Wood and MDF frame construction , polyurethane foam.Wooden upholstered legs .Good quality can be used in bedroom,living room,office etc. Dedicated LOFT -style interiors.Furniture made by hand ,traditional methods upholstery .Brand :HAPPY BAROK .Made in Poland. Design : Katarzyna Jasyk color: gray

Width 450 mm
Weight 10 kg
Length 900 mm
Height 450 mm
Compositions Wood and MDF frame construction , polyurethane foam
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